“I call you to a path which is hard, painful, yet wonderful – the way of creative work. Only moving in such a way can one find oneself, learn the truth and discover the secrets of the world. Only moving in this way can one discover the sparkling peaks of the arts…”

– Vladimir Krainev

We are glad to welcome you to the Ist Vladimir Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition!

We aim to create a new type of competition. The competition will combine Vladimir Krainev’s founding philosophy with the standards of the XXI Century. Unforgettable concerts, master classes and meetings involving talented youths in the presence of outstanding musicians will be both inspiring and motivating for the young artists. We have established relations with prestigious conservatoires, concert agencies and festivals who will play an active part in creating a solid foundation for the professional future of our competitors. Our task is to cultivate a unique, interactive and inspired atmosphere for all generations of musicians and music-lovers alike.

We decided to publish the jury members’ votes after each round to ensure maximum transparency.

We trust that our competition will enable young musicians to exhibit their talent and take an important step toward achieving their dreams!

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