The performance of some participants who did not pass to the next stage of the competition received a special mention by the jury:
Yulia Drozd, Anisa Dazhaeva, Ekaterina Bonyushkina, Valeria Bazykina, Petr Akulov, Alexander Kolzov, Gleb Semenov, Vitaliy Petrov, Ben Yakubov, Tigran Mardanyan
Hiroki Nakayama, Alexander Zakharov, Sandro Gegechkori, Alyona Osminkina, Afanasiy Razhnikov, Ayan Mammadli, Rimma Kachalova, Xuan Liu, Yucheng Jiang, Astghik Gukasyan
All the competitors who took part in the Preliminary Auditions will receive the Certificate of participant after March 25, 2017.

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