Young musicians from 10 to 16 years old became participants of the master classes that
were held at the Organ hall of the Moscow Gnessin Special Musical School and the Yamaha
Artistic Centre. Anyone could come to the the hall as a listener, and for those who could not
attend the Yamaha Music organized a live broadcast on YouTube.

The artistic director of the Krainev Competition Alexander Romanovsky stresses that “there is no way to substitute the live communication between musicians by anything else,
beacause the most important information is being transmitted in non-verbal ways. That’s why
even short meetings in the format of master classes are so important. This is not only an
opportunity to test your artistic ideas in comparison with the somewhat different view of a big
musician, but also the happy discoveries of new creative ways to search in an unconventional
direction. It is very important that such meetings become regular and accessible to a large
number of our young musicians, so the Krainev Competition and our partners Yamaha and the
Gnessin School are working hard in this direction.”

The pianist Norma Fisher notes that she was happy to accept the invitation to participate
in the master classes organized for the first time before the Krainev Competition. “What a pleasure to be in Moscow to work with the wonderful young pianists gathered by the Vladimir
Krainev Moscow International Piano Competition, in their new series of master classes. Always
thrilling and hugely rewarding to be able to contribute to such exciting talent and potential!”
– says the performer.

The teachers held open classes with sixteen young pianists from different countries, and a special concert where the young participants had a chance to perform followed the classes.

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